Answering Your Burning Acne Q's With Dr. Pimple Popper

For Acne Awareness month, we wanted to compile all of the important information about acne, straight from an expert. We hosted a two-part interview a la Zoom and asked our founder, board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee, some of the most common acne-related questions, in addition to her best acne-fighting advice. 

In Part 1, Dr. Lee tackles the basics about acne. She walks us through acne-formation and common factors contributing to acne before delving into treatment options. She also highlights the active ingredients in SLMD’s Acne System, explaining the function and benefits of each. 

In Part 2, Dr. Lee dives into the nitty gritty of acne. She describes the consequences of popping our own pimples and offers alternatives to treat pimples more effectively. She gives her best recommendations for moisturizing, treating acne scarring, and using spot treatments on different types of skin. She also provides insights into how you can change your acne regimen to suit your needs and measures to avoid and treat mask-induced acne. 

Learning more about acne better equips us to address both the underlying factors contributing to it and the best treatments for the specific types of acne we are susceptible to! Keeping our skin looking its best means understanding it at its worst.


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