We Asked Our Founder How To Cope Inside During The Winter

We Asked Our Founder How To Cope Inside During The Winter


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A lot of us are stuck inside because of the colder weather and because of COVID-19 precautions. We turned to our founder Dr. Sandra Lee with our questions concerning our skin and staying indoors so you can maintain your best complexion. 

Why can being inside more often cause our skin to have problems?

Dr. Lee’s answer: The air inside is often drier than the air outside — we have the heater on and the air is being recirculated. Drier air leads to drier skin, so it's common to have eczema or other dry skin rashes get worse when stuck indoors for increased amounts of time. Also, we are conscious about washing our hands, so washing them more often REALLY makes them dry and prone to hand eczema which causes itching, redness, and even painful cracks and fissures in the skin. 

SLMD Product Recommendation: Products that contain clinically-proven colloidal oatmeal to soothe extremely dry skin and eczema.

Any hacks for dry skin?

Dr. Lee’s answer: For dry skin on the body - a lot of people tend to make the mistake of rubbing themselves dry with a towel before applying lotion, which is going to dry you out and irritate skin right when you get out of the shower. I highly recommend applying your moisturizer right when you get out and are still damp to lock in that moisture right away! 

SLMD Product Recommendation: Glycolic Acid Body Lotion that has Glycolic Acid to exfoliate and help quickly remove the dry dull dead skin layer that can make our skin appear more “ashy”,  and moisturizing ingredients like Shea Butter to lock in moisture. 

For your face - if you are prone to dry skin in the winter months, you probably know your regular moisturizer won’t cut it. When my skin is feeling particularly parched, I go for a serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane which are super moisturizing ingredients, also used in injectables and fillers, because they really fill in those nooks and crannies, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and fuller! I also apply this serum to my cuticles, chapped lips, and dry hands. 

SLMD Product Recommendation: Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Does stress/anxiety and stress eating affect our skin?

Dr. Lee’s answer: We all deal with stress and anxiety in different ways… Some of us eat, some drink, some exercise, and some people pick at their skin. Most people believe greasy foods lead to breakouts, but this is only true if you’re rubbing that grease directly on your face. So don’t do that! Dairy can be an exacerbating factor when it comes to acne because of elevated hormones in milk, and we know that changes in our own hormone levels do play a big role in acne, so if you know you’re especially sensitive, try your best to not eat a ton of cheese or dairy products! Touching your skin constantly and picking at it can also definitely exacerbate skin conditions or create irritation. The goal is to try to break that habit. Cover the area with a bandaid, or better yet, a spot treatment, and stay true to your skincare regimen. 

SLMD Product Recommendation: BP Acne Spot Treatment, Acne System

Hopefully these tips can help you keep your skin in check during the winter months!


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