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Whether you struggle with cystic acne, an always oily complexion, or a bad case of keratosis pilaris, SLMD has you covered. Dr. Sandra Lee formulated these skincare solutions to treat the skin concerns and conditions she sees thousands of patients struggle with. They’re real skin solutions, for real skin concerns.


It’s one of the most common skin conditions, but that doesn’t make acne any less frustrating. Whether you’ve got blackheads and whiteheads or red, angry, pus-filled pimples, SLMD has solutions.

keratosis pilaris

Bumpy Skin. KP. Chicken skin. Whatever you call this common condition, having patches of seriously rough, irritated skin is no fun. These Glycolic Acid-infused products are here to help.

scars & dark spots

Starting to feel like your dark marks, scars and uneven skin are going nowhere fast? That just won’t fly, especially now that you’ve come across these SLMD solutions.

oily skin

Wake up feeling greasy? Sick of looking shiny? We get it. Overactive sebaceous glands can be difficult to reign in. We’ve got the right skincare for your slick skin.

dry skin

Feel like your face is always parched? Got dry, flaky, thirsty skin? You need products that will treat and hydrate your skin. Look no further.

aging skin

Older and wiser but don’t necessarily want to show your age? No judgements here. Tackle your fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and dark spots with these effective formulas.

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