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“My daughter and I are at a loss for words at these amazing results! I hope other teens suffering from acne can share the same success.”


“I started with the 30-Day Acne System and within days my inflammation was gone. Now, 2 months later, I no longer have acne. My life was completely changed!”


“The results were amazing and cleared my acne within just a few weeks! I’ve tried everything including other expensive brands and nothing helped until I tried SLMD!”


“I've had horrible acne since I was 11 and I'm now almost 22. Thank you for creating something that finally works for me! So happy I took the chance and gave this a try.”


“I’ve suffered from acne for years and it has held me back a lot. I gave SLMD Skincare a chance because I love Dr. Pimple Popper and thought it couldn't hurt, and I love the results! With consistency, these products work wonders.”


“I was always so embarrassed in the summer time and never wore tank tops. The Body Wash and Spray have definitely made me more confident, and not worried about my back and shoulder acne.”


“I have had amazing results and can now sit up against the back of a chair without being in pain. I love the products because they are so simple to use and if I start to get a little sweaty, I can use the spray to help my skin from breaking out.”


“I wish I had found this sooner! After 5 days of using both products I am seeing amazing results. I've been so embarrassed of my legs for years and things are finally looking up!”


“I love how in just two weeks, my skin started clearing up! Such a difference in a short amount of time. I will definitely be buying again and recommending this product! :)”


“This system is amazing! I Hated how my legs looked and after a month, I noticed a difference! I will definitely continue using these products!”


“The products make my skin noticeably smoother and are not irritating in the least, there's a huge difference! The redness has gone down, but the best part is having less bumps and ingrown hairs!”


“I was very impressed with this product as it didn’t make my skin feel too clammy or oily like other product. Results were visible within a few weeks. My skin looks and feels better ever since. Highly recommended, especially to get rid of the harsh acne scars.”


“Thank you for giving me hope. I finally found a line of products I can trust and know will work!”


“I have been extremely impressed with this product. It’s the only product that I’ve ever used that has shown real results. The tone and texture of my skin has improved, the dark spots have lightened, and I feel more confident in my own skin. Thank you SLMD!”


“It was an amazing product that transformed the way my skin looks and feels. My skin tone is much more even and glowing. Though my spots are still there. they aren't as harsh as they used to be.”


“I really enjoyed the product, my skin feels very smooth every morning. I also noticed that my new acne marks fade much sooner than they normally would before using the product.”


“My results have been an answered prayer. I searched for years and tried different treatments and have never gotten these results. Before SLMD, I would never leave without makeup. The after pic is the first time leaving home without foundation.”


“I started getting acne after turning 30. I tried everything. Nothing was helping. I finally decided to try the SLMD skincare line. I admit I was hesitant, but the results are amazing. I finally feel confident without makeup.”


“Maskne: pesky acne that comes from having to wear masks, shields, and sweat suits at work while running around the ER + acne prone, sensitive skin. Solution: SLMD sensitive skincare line for the last 90 days! So thankful to find something that works”

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