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We provide targeted solutions for the most common skin conditions using effective, scientifically proven ingredients, but at over-the-counter levels.

Acne Products

Created by
Dr. Pimple Popper

Sandra Lee, MD helped develop every formula and system to create acne products that she knows will work.

Real People, Real Results

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My daughter and I are at a loss for words at these amazing results!
I hope other teens suffering from acne can share the same success.”- Jennifer, Acne System

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I was always so embarrassed in the summer time and never wore tank tops. The Body Wash and Spray have definitely made me more confident, and not worried about my back and shoulder acne.”- Branae, Body Acne System

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...The redness has gone down, but the best part is having less bumps and ingrown hairs!”- Sarah, Body Smoothing System

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...Results were visible within a few weeks. My skin looks and feels better ever since. Highly recommended, especially to get rid of the harsh acne scars.”- Autumn, Dark Spot Fix

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