Glycolic Acid Body Scrub

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Resurfacing Body Treatment • 6 fl. oz.

There are two ways to battle dry skin: physically scrub it away, or use a chemical exfoliant to dissolve dead skin and unclog pores. Glycolic Acid Body Scrub does both.

  • Developed to tackle rough, bumpy skin caused by the buildup of keratin and dead skin cells
  • Suitable for keratosis pilaris-prone skin
  • Heavy duty scrub with physical and chemical exfoliators
  • Formulated with glycolic acid and self-dissolving granules
  • Light, fresh scent
  • Also available in a 4.0 oz., travel/try-me size

Use this scrub all over once a week, or on trouble spots every day. It will exfoliate, soften, and hydrate your skin, and can also help prevent ingrown hairs. Skin will be smooth in no time.

Glycolic Acid Body Scrub is part of the SLMD Body Smoothing System.

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Body Smoothing System


I cannot believe how efficient this product was. I noticed a difference right away, which is always a plus. My arms feel so much smoother and it has helped with ingrown hair.


It's a miracle worker. I have sensitive skin & can use this with no irration. Smooth skin all over. Definitely going to purchase it again


I'm honestly shocked how well this stuff along with the glycolic lotion made an immediate difference with my KP. I've had it since I was a kid and really didn't think anything was ever going to work! 100% worth every dime!!!

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Massage Glycolic Acid Body Scrub onto wet skin, focusing on dry patches or areas prone to keratosis pilaris and/or ingrown hairs. For best results, use daily.

For added exfoliation and smoothing, we recommend using with Glycolic Acid Body Lotion.

Glycolic Acid - Exfoliating AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) with tiny molecules that smooth skin’s surface, clear out clogged pores, encourage collagen production, and pull water into your skin for extra hydration.

Lactic Acid - Extra gentle AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) that works to soften rough, bumpy skin and unstick the “glue” that causes dead skin buildup.

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For skin types:
Oily, combination, dry — but especially helpful for dry, keratosis pilaris-prone skin.

Helps with:
Dry, dehydrated skin
Rough, bumpy skin
Scars & dark spots
Skin texture & tone
Ingrown hairs

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"It’s very important to not only exfoliate your face, but also your body. I recommend using a gentle AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) like glycolic acid – it’s an extremely effective ingredient to help smooth dry, rough, bumpy skin."

Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)

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Glycolic Acid Body Scrub