Dr. Pimple Popper’s Top 3 Bacne Hacks

You know how your bacne is, well…back? Sorry about that. But if you’ve got acne-prone skin, or you encounter (ahem) periodic hormonal breakouts, chances are you’ve got pimples popping up on your back and shoulders.

Bacne isn’t just weather related: body breakouts are due to a somewhat mysterious combination of biological and lifestyle factors. And while we’re all for science, sometimes we just need to know: how. to. clear. it. up.

Here are the top bacne hacks from the expert: Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper).

A man in a tank top who may have back acne or bacne according to Dr. Pimple Popper

#1 Up your shower game

When you’re actively breaking out on your back (or anywhere, for that matter), showering once daily may not be enough. Dr. Lee suggests that her acne prone patients wash their face both morning and night, plus after sweating or wearing a mask. The same holds true for body skin. Here are her tips:

  • Try showering both morning and night 

  • Shower as soon as possible after working out 

  • Use warm water (not hot) to avoid drying out and irritating skin

#2 Attack bacne at every stage

Just like the pimples on your face, back acne begins with clogged pores. Buildup of dirt, oil and dead skin can become trapped inside pores (especially in a hard-to-wash area like the back). This can create two kinds of bacne:

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#3 Do your laundry

According to Dr. Lee, this one isn’t always on patients’ radar, but it’s one of the simplest fixes. Sitting around in sweaty clothes (whether from a workout or just summertime heat and humidity) is a common culprit — so change those soiled shirts and ideally, take a shower.

If you’re not washing your linens (read: sheets, towels, even your bathrobe) at least once a week, you’re likely sleeping/lounging in a film of dead skin, oil and bacteria (gross). This is especially the case if you’re a back-sleeper and you’re regularly waking up to new pimples.

Dr. Lee’s last word

If you’re prone to facial acne, there’s a good chance you also experience some breakouts on your back. This is due to the presence of more sebaceous glands, especially on the upper back and shoulder areas. With the right products (my favorites include salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide) and some simple lifestyle modifications, we’re usually able to manage bacne quite successfully.

—Dr. Sandra Lee


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