Ingredient Spotlight: Sulfur

So you’re here to learn about sulfur? You may have sensitive skin and have heard of this gentle alternative for curbing oil and improving acne, or perhaps you’re in tune with trending skincare ingredients. Regardless, we’re here to breakdown the benefits of sulfur and how it works with your skin!

What is sulfur? 

Sulfur is a natural mineral that is essential for living things. We ingest it regularly in our diet, usually in eggs, meat, fish, garlic, onions, and beans! 

In terms of skincare, sulfur is a powerful ingredient staple with an array of benefits. It can tend to have a strong smell - but bear in mind that products containing lower percentages of it (like SLMD sulfur products) are less strong smelling.

Who should use sulfur?

Sulfur is safe for all skin types! Those that are acne-prone, have oily skin, or are simply looking to improve the texture of their skin should consider adding it to their skincare arsenal. It’s an antimicrobial agent meaning it stops the growth of acne-causing bacteria in the same way that benzoyl peroxide does - however, it’s a great alternative for those that find benzoyl peroxide to be too irritating or drying. 

Sulfur also controls oil productions without significantly dehydrating or irritating surrounding skin. In terms of tone and texture, it works to exfoliate and shed dead skin cells revealing fresh even skin. 

If you’re looking to try it out In an acne-treatment lotion, it can be found in SLMD’s Sulfur Lotion, also included in the Sensitive Skin Acne System. If face masks are your thing (who can resist some self care) it was used to formulate SLMD’s latest product launch, Clear Out, which has been described as feeling like a spa in a jar. It’s made with Salicylic Acid, another one of founder Dr. Sandra Lee’s favorite gentle BHA’s, great at unclogging pores. 

Go try sulfur out and experience it, for yourself!


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